DATAN Software

MERLIN Tabulation/Analysis Suite -- Comprehensive, Industrial-Strength and World-Class Cross-Tabulation System for data input, cleaning, tabulation, manipulation, analysis, presentation and export for Windows and UNIX/Linux computers.

MERLINplus (MPS) -- The MERLIN programming language has been made available via a friendly menu interface.  Much of the power of MERLIN is available to create a survey, do data entry or CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) with the most complex skip patterns imaginable, run topline reports and full Stub and Banner tables, and export data and tables to SPSS, SAS, SSS, Excel, etc.  In the process, one transparently learns to use the full power of MERLIN scripting.

MERLIN FASTAB for Windows -- Fast and intuitive ad hoc tabulation system for clients or project directors.  FASTAB makes tables, spreadsheets and graphics from 'Inverted' MERLIN databases.

MERLIN Toolkit (MERLINtools) -- The ultimate in import/export control over MERLIN data and tables. Imports several CATI formats to MERLIN. Imports and exports to many popular analysis and statistical programs. Useful for debugging complex MERLIN jobs.

MERLIN Data Tools (MERLINentry and MERLINedit) -- Data entry, verification and editing of Column Binary and ASCII records up to 32,000 characters in size. MERLINentry and MERLINedit interface with MERLINplus maps and dictionaries automatically.