DATAN History

DATAN, Inc. is a behavioral research company in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, specializing in custom services, special projects and data analytic system-building. DATAN was founded by Michael C. Stentz, Ph.D. in 1983. Dr. Stentz has been involved with a variety of user-oriented research computing and statistical/graphical applications in academic and business environments since 1974.

DATAN promotes the application of appropriate data analysis methods to significant problems using modern technology. DATAN's role in supporting and extending the MERLIN Tabulation System is testimony to the central data analytic role of tabulation, the oldest form of data analysis known to humanity. DATAN recognizes the appropriateness of interactive, ad hoc tabulation in certain phases in the research process, as well as the usefulness of graphical and statistical techniques throughout the analytical process.

The DATAN proposition is to install and support state-of-the-art data analytic systems that are of relevant scope and capacity and which are cost-effective for the client organization. These are not "black-box" systems; rather, they are built with software and hardware components available in the open market. Customization is done only where necessary to tailor the standard components to the unique aspects of the client's business. Documentation is included with source code for all customization work. Training and consultation are considered to be an integral aspect of system installation.

DATAN provides custom services in tabulation and data analysis using its own systems.

DATAN Personnel

Michael C. Stentz, Ph.D., President, was the founder of the company in 1983 in Princeton, New Jersey.  Mickey has been involved with a variety of use-oriented research computing and statistical/graphical applications in academic and business environments since 1974.  Dr. Stentz has a B.A. in Social Sciences from S.M.U. in Dallas Texas in 1966.  He went on to get his M.A. in Political Science from the University of Houston in 1970, while teaching math and science in the Houston Independent School District at Washington Jr. High School and then participating in the desegregation effort at Kashmere Senior High School from 1968-70.  

After two years coaching football and teaching social sciences in Bellevue WA, Mickey spent the rest of the 1970's at Indiana University-Bloomington working on his degree in Social Science Education/Political Science and Social Science Research Methodology, while teaching Doctoral Level Statistics.

For the last four years at IU, Mickey worked on the Staff at the innovative Wrubel Computing Center as the Statistical Consulting Manager for the entire eight-campus IU Computing Network.  While at Indiana, Mickey consulted in use of all statistical computing applications on a daily basis. He also conducted instructional classes on the emerging statistical software  SPSS, organizing classes for beginners through advanced statistical analysts.  He was the SPSS coordinator for the eight campus IU system, and also served on the Governing Board of ISSUE, the International SPSS User Group.  Stentz innovated the weekend intensive workshop at the ISSUE conferences, and was the chairman of the annual New Orleans Conference in 1981.

After leaving Indiana with his Ph.D.,  Dr. Stentz worked in industry at R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. in Winston Salem NC as Manager of Test Markets, and then as a Manager of Product Research.  He then moved to E&J Gallo Winery in Modesto CA as a Sales Research Manager. Following these stints in these two vice-related industries, he became a consultant and gave up his volunteer work with ISSUE, Inc. in favor of activities which would pay for groceries. Mickey followed his new clients to New Jersey and incorporated DATAN, Inc.(and his family) in Princeton in 1983.

After 20 years in Princeton, the children are all grown and off raising their own families. Mickey has relocated to beautiful Northwest New Jersey to a small farm on top of Montana Mountain. Mickey enjoys handball, rowing, roadsters, motorcycles and raising his beautiful smooth-haired fox terrier doggies. He also raises a few Red Angus cattle on his farm.

Mickey telecommutes to DATAN most days, and is actually on site for special meetings and on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Stephen T. Clarke, Director of Tabulation Services, has been responsible for directing and expanding DATAN's Custom Tabulation Services Group since 1991.  Stephen has worked with survey design and data analysis for over 25 years.  Prior to his arrival at DATAN, Stephen was the principal of Tabtech, Inc. in New York City. He has also held positions with such notable research organizations as MG Data, Thor Data and Simmons Market Research Bureau (JWT Group).  His experience spans consumer research, media research and opinion analysis.

Stephen and his wife, Judith, have two beautiful daughters, Tracey and Samantha.  Tracey is a student at Rutgers University who occasionally does data entry and coding for DATAN projects.  Samantha currently attends middle school in Princeton.

Anne A. Stentz, Partner and Office Manager, was with  DATAN at its inception in 1983.  In addition to general office management, Anne has been involved in all facets of DATAN activities, including specifically, marketing and advertising activities.  Prior to joining DATAN, Anne spent thirteen years in public school teaching as a teacher of English, Spanish and English as a Second Language in Texas, Washington, Indiana, North Carolina and California.  

Anne enjoys travel, aerobics, yoga, her three grown-up and married offspring and three grandchildren and her own loyal fox terrier Maggie Mae.