DATAN Principles

1. Do not reinvent the wheel: use one that has already been tested and is warranted to provide optimal performance for the lowest reasonable price.

2. Do not marry into the customer's family: every action we take on the customer's behalf must result in his being more independent in his operation. If he wants more assistance or needs additional resources, your involvement should be as an option, rather than as a necessity.

3. Construct systems that will grow with the customer: Be farsighted enough to install systems with a bright and productive future for the customer.

4. Help the customer embrace the big picture: today's fad is tomorrow's turkey; sell the customer our expertise in the full range of data analytic options. Remember, hardware is the smallest part of the total data analytic resource.

5. Don't forget that people are what it's all about--machines and software systems only exist to give people an advantage over their environment. People are the ingredient that make a system have value, and people are the ultimate reason for a system's existence.