MERLIN is the B-E-S-T

Our customers tell us that the MERLIN Tabulation System is the best all-around production tabulation system in the world…


"With MERLIN, I have been able to say ‘YES’ to all client requests."

                        Harvey Ross, Ross Data Services (


"Whether I have counts or volumes to report (or both, mixed on the same table), MERLIN is the tool to use for Retail Sales Audit processing…"

    Mark Halatin, CAPSTONE Research, Inc.



"MERLIN has allowed us to successfully complete 99% of the requests from our clients, including customizing tables and data in a timely fashion."

            Trina Regasti, PERT Survey Research (


"There’s nothing that can’t be done using MERLIN!"

                            Gene Richman, CROSSTABS, Inc. (


"Not only is MERLIN the easiest tabulation software to use, it is the best at interfacing with my SPSS/Quancept CATI software. My spec-writers don’t type in question text and answer text any more—they just fine-tune the exported MERLIN script file and run it."

        Peter Lui, GoldfarbConsultants (Toronto)  (



"MERLIN’s new ‘mixed definition’ allows me to easily define and manage massive open-end stubs with nets, sub-nets, sub-sub-nets, etc. to ten levels deep! It is so easy to do…the net and sub-net summaries are automatically defined by the elements underneath them. And the output has automatic ranking and indenting. It is the best in the industry—by far!"


                                       Stephen T. Clarke, DATAN, Inc. (


Please feel free to email any of these references and confirm the power of the MERLIN Tabulation System. Ask them anything you wish about what MERLIN can do for you, and how it does it. Be specific! No holds barred! We feel confident that our users will give MERLIN an accurate and enthusiastic recommendation. You can email us at or phone us at 800/220-7036.


        Michael C. Stentz, Ph.D., President, DATAN, Inc.